Why Am I Writing A Blog Now?

images It’s February 1! Not only have I been looking forward to Super Bowl Sunday, but also, today I officially begin the 17th year of my 18-year installation art project.
As excited as I am to be nearing the end of this long-term commitment (the possibilities!), I’m also freaking out.

What will these possibilities be? One of the countless great things about having an 18-year plan, has been that for the most part, I knew what was coming.

MEMORY, my 9th of 9 solo biennials (September 17-October 28, 2016), will hopefully be installed throughout many square feet of a mill in Lewiston, Maine (the gracious town that hosted my first in 2000).
Once MEMORY ends, my long-running process will exist almost exclusively through conversations, memories, and documentation: my Web site, things I posted (on YouTube, facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin), my book (9 SOLO BIENNIALS), and now my blog.

One reason I want to write a blog now, is to help me shift my thinking. I have always said that after my biennials are complete, this rigorous work will exist only through things like documentation.

But, as I write this, I remember that my work from these 9 exhibits will OF COURSE enter into, inform, feed, inspire, what I do as an artist after. So, my biennials will continue in this way as well, and writing this blog is already helping.

A second reason is to help me shift my thinking to the present. As I approach the end of my biennial project, I find myself worrying “an excessive much” about two things:

What will making art be like after my biennials?

And, will I come to see the completion of this big work as the wonderful beginning it could be, rather than one huge kind-of-devastating end?

I have always tried to be present as I work, so I don’t want this to be different now, especially during my last biennial cycle. By writing about my 9th biennial for book and blog while working toward its installations, I can give my final biennial the focus it deserves.

The last reason I am writing this blog now, is to share what it takes/has taken to see these major exhibits through. How have I managed to make the work I want to make from the very beginning? How do I organize myself? How do I raise the money? How do I mount these huge exhibits? How do I get people there?

It started with a plan…