To-Do vs. Task List

The 22-month process for my 9th of 9 solo biennials, MEMORY, just began February 1. This final “biennial cycle” is going to run through November 30, 2016, a month following the end of the exhibit. To move each biennial thing (plus other projects) forward a little bit each day or week, I make a quick-glance task list, and tape it over my desktop.
I work on each task anywhere from 15 minutes to ~1 hour, then move on to the next thing (what do I feel like doing next?). Tackling the same thing for much longer than an hour, I start to get tired eye balls and sludgy brain. If on a roll, I keep on keep’n on. If I don’t get to something one day or week, I am sure to get to it the next.

It is time for things when it is time.

I also output and tape to my wall, my behind-my-head-so-I-can-spin-around-and-look-at-it “to-do” list. This is a more-detailed-but-still-general list of all things biennial.

 Both lists keep me from feeling overwhelmed and from forgetting something to be moving forward. By the way, there are 2 other sheets of paper behind my to-do list, so as I finish each task (very satisfying) I don’t get black marker on my studio.
I can’t believe I just taped my last biennial’s to-do list to my wall. It was, however, still satisfying to take the previous biennial’s (MATTER) to-do list down.