Less Is More

Less Is More: A big block of wood

I try to minimize steps, to move with the smallest range of motion, to smaller-ize tasks. Because, 22 months is usually just enough time to mount a solo biennial. Less is more. 

It’s like micro-choreography. 

I picture my body moving through the smallest spaces possible, to get what’s the biggest things done. To make “x,” I do “a” through “w” each thousands of times, each time, as small, or in as short a distance, or in the quickest amount of time, as possible. 

Then, painting shelves, and sorting numbers, and numbering books, and sanding desks, and pressing clay, and drawing paths, and carrying boxes, and muscle-ing drywall, and scrubbing floors…, as I’m doing the task I’ve micro-choreographed, I figure out ways to do these things even smaller, shorter, and quicker. Because, 22 months is usually just enough time to mount a solo biennial.

I say “usually,” because while installing my 7th solo biennial (SPACE, 2012), I didn’t finish on time.

The doors opened for participation, and I was still installing.

I think this was because my process was spread to 3 floors, 3 big spaces, instead of 1 . I wasn’t at all working within a small range of motion.

But, during the opening reception, participants didn’t seem to mind watching me keep installing, using the teensie-est movements possible.

Writing material-donation queries to businesses, emails to mill owners, and instructions for participants, I use as few words as possible. It seems if you write it [briefly] they will donate/say “yes”/interact.

I’ve been trying to use this less-is-more tactic while developing the language about my bookMarketing 101. The easier you make things for people (the less info they have to absorb), the more results you’ll see.

But. There are details. There are steps. Ugh.

I wish I could just “ping,” plop the info into your mind, in an instant, and it’d be painless. I wouldn’t do this plop-age without your consent. You’d click a link within a 1-sentence email or Facebook post, and “ping!” You’re all in the know.

Because. I want you to read my book, about how I tried to do this big thing, with my small hands.

When my solo biennials are done, I will make my life smaller. Less intense. Slower. Eliminate things. Do only what I love most. Somehow, I think my life will be bigger as a result. Because less is more.  

Less Is More: A small block of wood

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