From 1998 to 2016,  Amy Stacey Curtis (b. 1970, Beverly, Massachusetts) completed an 18-year commitment to interactive installation art, 9 solo-biennial exhibits of large-in-scope, participatory works in 9 vast mill spaces throughout Maine, USA.


In the end, Curtis mounted 81 installations in 8 Maine towns while cleaning by hand each historic space (averaging 25,000 square feet). Each solo biennial was a 22-month process exploring a different theme, inviting audience to perpetuate and resolve each exhibit’s 9 unique works.


Curtis posts weekly to The Artist Plan, previously writing about completing her 18-year opus. In 2017, she’s discussing what’s next, and how she feels working without an 18-year plan.


  1. My old studio was near DIA Beacon and I can’t help but get a resonant feeling from your ideas and work. I like how you reach out to other artists as part of the creative lifestyle.
    It is amazing how you have adhered to something tat speaksmetaphysically as well as about art>
    Thank you

    1. Hi Tim, Thank you so much for taking a look at my work, and for your words here. Yes, what I have been trying to convey through my work–how we are part of a whole, how everyone and everything is connected and effects no matter how small or fleeting the contact–has been worth the extreme rigor. And, I think my efforts to visit people I like, has connections to this as well. My efforts toward being part of, impacting, and being impacted by community. Amy

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